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The Gold Line Group team sells the best brands of olive oil from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea all over the world!

Olive oil Olimp produced in Greece, is made only from natural olive oil, has an acidity of not more than 0.8%, and the taste is defined as excellent.

Olive oil Aranta. Oil from Emilia-Romagna has a light fruity taste, contains a record amount of antioxidants.

Olive oil Stella Vittoria oil obtained using only physical methods without chemical purification, has a natural taste.

Terra Gusto olive oil is obtained exclusively by mechanical means, without chemical additives, just as it was produced many centuries ago.

Corona olive oil has a pronounced taste of olives, aroma, does not foam when frying, without bitterness! High European quality!

Rodis Olive Oil. The oil, traditionally of high quality, is named after the ancient Greek colony on the Iberian Peninsula, Rhode.

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We offer cooperation and partnership in the field of olive oil marketing, which is distinguished by high quality, reasonable price and constantly growing consumer demand.

We are looking for partners and we have the possibility of regular supplies of olive oil to anywhere in the world.


Our production possesses high quality which is confirmed by laboratory research.


We can offer you the best ratio of price and high quality of our products.


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